Success can rewrite social laws

Let me recap an incident described in the Bible. I would like to draw your attention to how success out scores social taboos. In another way, positive success can rewrite social laws.

There was a lady in Israel during the time of Jesus Christ. This lady was diseased with an issue of blood for twelve years. She might have been a rich lady, but still by spending for doctors for twelve years in vain impoverished her. The greater pain was the alienation she felt due to the social taboo. Since she was suffering from such a disease she was considered by the Jewish community as unclean. Whatever she touched, sat, laid, ate and all were unclean. She could not appear in public. She was not allowed to go to synagogues. No marriage, no funeral, no festivals, nothing of that sort. Poor lady spend all her wealth on doctors and medicine for twelve years in vain. Now all hopes were gone.

It was the time of Jesus Christ. He was walking around healing the sick. So this lady decided to try a healing. But the social laws prevented her from appearing in public there was no reason to hope that Jesus would come to her home even if invited. But her need was greater than social taboos.

She was desperate for healing. Healing or death! There was no second option. She had no time to listen to social taboos. Healing is her personal success. If she does not succeed she would die.
Die anyway and then why not die in the war field.
She deiced to try healing with Jesus.

How? No one would allow her to stand on the way side in public and meet Jesus as he walk along. Jesus was always surrounded by a mass. Crowd was the greatest challenge. They should give her way to Jesus that would never happen with her disease.

She saw a possibility in the impossibility.

1.    The crowd around Jesus was her blessing. She dug a tunnel through the impossibility. It was the best opportunity for her to squeeze through the crowd without noticed by anyone to Jesus.
2.    Again it was unimaginable to present her before Jesus and ask Him to pray for her healing. Here she decided to exercise her faith. The anointing power that was believed to flow through the garments of saints was sufficient for her healing.
3.    It would be easy to retreat to her home safely through the crowd after the whole process.

She executed her plan. And Lo! She was healed.

She knew that publicizing her adventure would ruin her life, because she did something violating social taboos. How the society would respond? There is every chance that the whole crowd would go mad at this outrageous act and implement violence on her. Time has not yet come for celebrating her success. She had to find a story to explain her success.

But Jesus decided the other way. He sensed the impartation of anointing, the power and the healing. He suddenly turned back and called her forward. The success story was announced in public.

The fact I would like to bring your attention is that, the success was celebrated by the crowd and none questioned her of her disobedience to the social law. Her act of going out of her house, squeezing through the crowd, thus touching everybody unclean, touching the garment of a Holy Teacher etc. were serious noncompliance of social laws. The Jewish society was a non compromising race. Still the success story muted them all.

True success always has the power to rewrite social laws.

Many a time we are not speaking or acting because we are afraid of social laws. We are even afraid to think differently in fear of social taboos. But only different thoughts will create different pronouncements. Different pronouncements will create different actions. Different action will create different success.

Only different thought creates different success.
All positive success has an innate power to rewrite social laws.

Professor Jacob Abraham
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