Anointing of Jesus with oil

This is a short study about the anointing of Jesus with oil.
Our question is that how many times was Jesus anointed with oil?
A description of this incident is recorded by all the four gospels.
We read about the incident in Matthew 26: 6-13; Mark 14: 3-9; Luke 7: 36-50 and John 12:1-8.
But these descriptions are not about one and the same event. They are about three separate occasions of different women anointing Jesus.

Born Again

What is the meaning of the Biblical phrase ‘born again’?
This is the question we intend to discuss today.
The best passage to learn about born again is the famous conversation between Nicodemus and Jesus Apostle John recorded this conversation his gospel in 21 verses.
Let us read certain passages from this conversation and try to understand the real meaning of ‘born again’ experience.