Inheriting the Kingdom of God

Who shall inherit and who shall not inherit the Kingdom of God?
This question and its answer are the core subject of this discussion.

When we discuss the topic, let us keep few things in our mind about the kingdom of God.
Kingdom of God is not a democratic kingdom; it is the rule of a King who is the only authority in the Kingdom.
He is the only one King and He has no misters to discuss the rule of the Kingdom.
He is the creator and sustainer of the Kingdom.
His Will and His values are the laws of the Kingdom.
Thus the King is the Kingdom and the Kingdom is the King.

New Heaven and New Earth

Today we are intending to discuss an apocalyptic incident.
This will happen after the rapture of saints, the Millennium rule of Jesus on this earth and just after the Great White Throne Judgment.
All these incidents are spoken of in the gospels, epistles of the apostles and are seen in a vision by Apostle John.
He has recorded it in the book of Revelation.

Here in this study, I am not giving any fresh or new interpretations to the scripture, but we are only explaining the scripture as we have received it.
This is my usual method of teaching the scripture.
I am not concerned with the traditional understanding of the scripture and is not after any new interpretations.
I believe what is written in the scripture and I always aim to explain the scripture for lay men.

This study may cover up mainly three questions:

1.      What is the new heaven and new earth?
2.      What is the nature of the new heaven and earth
3.      Who are permitted to live there?