Wisdom from A Trader


The other day I was preparing a Bible study on the Parable of Ten Minas that we read in Luke 19: 11-27
A word in that passage drew my attention during the study.
That was not a deep theological topic, but that got my attention.
I was thinking and praying about it for further guidance from God.

Luke 19:13  And he called ten servants of his, and gave them ten pounds, and said unto them, Trade ye herewith till I come.   (American Standard Version)

I am talking about the word “Trade”

This message is for everyone, for all people living a secular life or a religious life.
I am sure that all those are in secular job or business and all those who are in our Lord’s Ministry for the Kingdom will be blessed by this message.

Laws of Representation


Hebrews 7:22   ...  Jesus has become the guarantor of a better covenant.

The role of the representative is critical to understand our covenant with God
In human affairs a representative acts on our behalf, and so makes us present where we cannot personally be.


A covenant (Hebrew berith, Greek diatheke) is a legal agreement between two or more parties. 
A covenant is a contract or agreement between two or more parties.  
Covenant is how God has chosen to communicate to us, to redeem us, and to guarantee us eternal life in Jesus.  

Why they crucified Jesus?

Professor Jacob Abraham and all others who work behind naphtalitribe.com, an eChurch 24x7, Kochi, India, loves and pray for Israel, the nation and the people. We respect the rich heritage of Rome. The following study has no intention to hurt the sentiments of any nation or people.

A joint execution

 The crucifixion of Jesus was a joint attempt by the Jewish leaders and the Roman Empire.
But they did not plan it together before hand.
It is the worst case of judicial murder without any criminal charges.
Crucifixion was not in the Jewish law.
The worst method of murder in the Jewish law was stoning to death.
Crucifixion was a Roman punishment.
When Jesus was crucified, Jews murdered Jesus and Romans crucified Him.