What is God’s Will?

Why ask this question?
The question is a tough nut
So we seldom bother to ask this question.

But there are times in which we suddenly come up this question.
We know our way until we come to a junction and are uncertain of the next move.

Three different situations

1.      Clear situations: there are right decisions and wrong decisions
2.      Grey situation: something that's not necessarily right or wrong
3.      Difficult situations: a choice between two good things

Kingdom of God and the Parable of Ten Minas

Parable ten Minas
Luke 19.11 – 27
The story goes like this:

Jesus was going to Jerusalem and he was near to it.
The disciples and other gatherings thought that the kingdom of God should immediately appear.
As answer to their expectation, Jesus told them that the King had to go to the emperor and his kingdom.
So he will be absent for a period time.
To explain this truth Jesus said a parable.

A certain nobleman went into a far place to meet the emperor.
His intention was to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return.
He wanted the emperor to appoint him as the king of the province where he lived.