Patriarchs and Prosperity

What is the relationship between a healthy fellowship with God and prosperity?
Is there any Biblical evidence to support the view that prosperity is a sign of God’s blessing?
In order to answer these questions, we need to take a closer look at what the Old and New Testaments teach about God’s blessings in our lives.

Biblical prosperity is a vast subject.
None can explain all aspects of Biblical prosperity in a short video like this of 20 minutes.
So I do not claim to present an exhaustive study of the subject.
In this study we are leaning only about the attitude of the Patriarchs towards Prosperity.
How Jesus endorsed it is also explained in this video.

The Triumphant End of Paul's Journey - 2 Timothy 4:6-8

This study note is about the triumphant end of Paul’s journey.
Paul never looked at his end as death like common people used to do.
Paul had a different concept about death.
This is the core idea we discuss in this message.

2 Timothy 4: 6 – 8  are the farewell speech of Apostle Paul.

Laws of sowing and reaping


There are certain universal unchanging laws that govern this universe.
They are universal and hence do not change from place to place and time to time.
They existed right from the beginning of the universe and will exist till the last day of this world.
In truth this universe exists on them and without them nothing can exist.
A change in a jot or line of these laws affects the whole universe even to its self destruction.
No one, no wise man or fool can deny their existence and influence over the universe.
Whether we like them or not, they are to stay, work and influence everything.

That is the importance of these laws.