Have the faith of God

In this short study, we are discussing about the faith that is required for performing a miracle or sign for the Glory of the Kingdom of God.

What is the purpose of miracles?

Let me start the message with a question: what is a miracle and why should we need a miracle?
A miracle is an unusual happening that is beyond the capacity of humans.
If a sick person is healed with the help of medicine that is God’s provision, not a miracle.
It is not bad to use medicine; it is God’s provision for us in this world.
Prayer may support the healing by medicine.
But, if a person is healed by prayer, without medicine or when medicine fails, it is a miracle.
So miracle is an unusual and unnatural happening beyond God’s daily provision.
Miracles are happenings where a supernatural intervention is detected.
Miracle happens where humans fail; miracles are done by God, not by human beings.