The story of the hirelings

Luke 15:17 - And having come to himself, he said, How many hirelings of my father have a superabundance of bread, and I here with hunger am perishing! (YLT)

Lost and Found

Luke chapter 15 is a chapter of ‘lost and found’
Jesus says three parables with the theme of lost and found

1.      Parable of the lost sheep
2.      Parable of the lost coin
3.      Parable of the lost son

Jesus was explaining why he is rejoicing with sinners.
He equates the gathering to a group of ‘lost and found’
Jesus was trying to communicate the joy in heaven when a lost is found

To illustrate the situation He tells three parables

The three parables
Luke 15

The first parable is about the lost and found sheep
The second is about the lost and found drachma
The third is about the lost and found son