Untimely Death of God's Servants - Prof. Jacob Abraham

Today we are discussing an important question: Why many God’s faithful servants die untimely?
These days, the number of God’s saints dying early in their young age has been increasing in number.
The number of God’s servants dying in accidents and by acute diseases has increased a tenfold since the last decade.
We have no logical explanation to it and so we often depend on philosophical explanations in the name of religion.
A major part of religion is philosophy and hence it is easy for us to formulate a theory that looks near to the scripture.

I do not want to disturb the comfort that philosophy and religion give us.
In fact, no man in this world can explain why God’s saints die early in their young age.
All what we says in this regard are words of comfort to the dear ones of the departed soul and to ourselves.
Bible does not offer us a direct answer to the question we asked above.