Today we are going to discuss about boundaries that we hate and like at the same time.
We fight to destroy and at the same time construct boundaries; we are afraid to live without it.
Boundaries limit our freedom, but freedom is meaningless without boundaries.
Boundaries are real.

We always feel in our life the presence of boundaries of traditions, beliefs and values.
Some of them are created by humans and some others exist from time immemorial.
We can break some, we do not like to break some and we cannot break some other.
Boundaries influence, limit, control and give meaning to our life.

Jacob, God’s Israel

Jacob is the towering, complex and more than life size character in the Old Testament.
His life was one of scheming, frustrations, pain, loneliness and yet spiritual.
None of his contemporaries understood his pain and despair during his life.
He had none to share his heart. He lived alone, fought alone and won alone.
He is the nation “Israel”, but he is often neglected between Abraham and Moses.
He had moments of fear and strong faith.
His family was in disorder, he silently fought to set it straight.
He was born in the Promised Land but spent most of his life in foreign lands and died in a foreign land.