Who is a steward?

Steward is a person who managers another’s property or financial affairs.
He is a person who administers anything as the agent of another.
A steward doesn't own the household but manages it.
And stewards in the ancient world were trusted with everything from seeing that the floors were clean, to the finances

A business manager who oversees a company’s resources including money, machinery and personnel in order to materialize the company’s purpose and values is a stewardship.

Wealth Creation - a Christian perspective

What is wealth?

What is wealth? Let us start our study with question.

Wealth according to the Bible is different from the world.
The value system in the Heaven is invert to the value system in this world.
In another way, wealth in heavenly perceptive is not always what we call wealth.
Wealth in heavenly perceptive is physical, material, mental and spiritual, all together.

God has created the whole world for increase.
He placed the power within every living creature to reproduce beyond them.
God gives humans the special ability to manage the resources from earth to create a comfortable atmosphere for living.
We suffer often because of the ignorance and practice of Biblical principles.