Lordship of Jesus

I am aware that heated arguments are going on about Lordship Salvation and Free Grace or easy believism, as critics call it. Here, I have no intention to take part in the debate. And I see no end to this debate till the coming of our Lord.

Usually it is not my intention to present any debatable topic and take any one side of the debate. I always focus on practical Christian living. I am concerned about the common man struggling under sin and satan. I prefer to talk to them about a practical way out, which is Jesus the only solution to all their problems.

So here too, I am not presenting any theological debate or I am not taking any part in this great discussion going on among eminent theologians. I respect all of them, and I have a mind for either side.

In this message we intend to understand repentance, salvation, born again experience, eternal life, Kingdom of God and the Lordship of Jesus Christ for a down to earth practical Christian life.

Parable of the Prodigal Son - a re-reading of the parable

What is the most popular parable of Jesus?
Surely the answer is the Parable of the Prodigal Son.

It is true that this is the most popular story of Jesus.
You might have heard a lot of sermons based on this beautiful story.
I too have preached at many occasions on this parable.

But let me assure you that what you are going to hear now in this video contains new information on the story.
This sermon is a re reading of the parable.
So please patiently continue to read this study.

The Covenant Meal (Lord's Supper)

Let us start this message with an introduction to covenants.

Covenants were a form of agreement or contract based on trust made between two parties – between two persons or two groups of people.

Covenants are not mere contracts.
Trust in each other was an integral part of covenants.
A covenant is a legally binding contract based on trust.

They were popular in ancient times in Middle East area.
They were unchanging as long as the conditions stipulated in the covenant are kept.