Israel - UAE Pact 2020

This is a political analysis of the Israel-UAE Pact 2020, which was announced by the American President Donald Trump on Thursday, August 13, 2020. 

Though the author of this article has his own strong Christian views, this is prepared unbiased.

The two Arab nations which has signed a peace pact with Israel are Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994. The United Arab Emirates is the third Arab country and the first Gulf country to enter into a pact with Israel. And it has happened 25 years after the Jordan treaty.

Three Stages of Salvation

Our topic for today is “Three Stages of Salvation”. Salvation has a past experience, a present life and a future fulfillment. We shall have a simple and brief discussion on this topic in this video.

 Salvation and Holiness

Salvation is choosing the holiness of God. Salvation is turning away from the sinful rebellious life. Salvation is stopping our opposition to God’s holiness. It is coming back into His holiness.

How can it happen? How can we reach back to His holiness?

It is surely not a onetime action. It is a continued process. It is a life long struggle and victory over sins.

Salvation as a process by which an unsaved sinner separated from God by sin and destined for hell, is redeemed from hell, reunited with God and destined for heaven.