Fig Tree and the Jews

Fig tree has a center role in the life in Israel. The tree is found scattered widely among the country’s mountains. The fig was one of the principal fruits of the land of Canaan, even before the entrance of the Hebrews into the Promised Land (Num. 13: 23).

There are many references to it in the various literature of Israeli culture.

The first tree referred to in the Bible is the Tree of life and the second Tree is the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But we do not know what kind of trees these were.

The third tree is specified as a fig tree. Adam and Eve, after eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge,  made a covering around their waste with fig leaves to cover their nakedness.(Genesis 3:7).

What is sin?


In our modern pluralistic culture, sin has become an incorrect term. There is only right or wrong. And right and wrong are defined in relation to the customs, practices and religious beliefs of different social groups. The right of one social group is the wrong of another group. Thus anything can be defined right in the particular social group.

We have become so tolerant to sin that we call it an inclination of the mind or a psychological mental condition. Even cold blood murder is often described as psychological disorder. Murder is only a psychological depression now.

The new age philosophy has influenced the religious sphere also. Sin is reduced the violation of the peace of the society. Spirituality has become a personal affair of chosen ethics.

Holiness is legalism and Grace is freedom to sin. Separation from ungodliness is an anti-social attitude. Hell is replaced by a short term purification and God’s judgment is a fable. Sanctification is declared as a legalistic burden.