Easter Message

In secular view, Easter is a fertility festival. When it is connected with the Church, it has other dimensions. In church it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ defeating death and hell.  For humanity, it is the resurrection of hope.

The concept of sacrifice, burial of the dead and resurrection is the basis of fertility festivals. Every social group that has a history back to a pre historic time has a myth concerning this festival.

Egyptian life was always depended on the River Nile. So they worshiped the river as god. The river gets dry for a certain period of days every year leaving the land infertile. By the end of each dry period they hear the croak of frogs in the river signaling the coming of rain. This is the time for them to sacrifice their priest. A priest was selected every year to serve the community for a period and sacrifice himself for the people before the first rain. The priest was tied to a tree and killed by arrows. It was a willing death for the fertility of the people and the land. The tree is covered with the blood of the priest. His dead body and the blood covered tree were buried in the middle of the river Nile covered with seeds and then mud. Then came the first rain and red water. After two or three days the seeds germinate sprouting new plants, new hopes and signaling fertility.

In our state, we have another fertility story. It is believed that a benevolent king ruled the Kerala State (India). There was prosperity throughout his reign. He purged his country from liars and lies, murders and murder and poor and poverty. But gods were jealous at his fame and rule. So one god appeared before him with a request for three foot of land for meditation.  The generous king granted the wish. Suddenly the god grew into a huge size and measured the earth and Hades with two foot. Since there was no other place to offer for the third feet the king offered his head. The god put his feet on the head of the king and pushed him down to Hades. But the king was granted with one wish to return back to his country to see his citizens once in every year. This time, after the harvest every year is celebrated as ‘Onam”, the fertility festival of the State.

What I was telling so far is that fertility festivals were celebrated from ancient times. Every fertility festival has a myth behind it.
Is Easter such a fertility festival? Many may consider it as another fertility festival.
But, personally I prefer to think differently.

Easter also has some elements of fertility festival. Easter too speak of sacrifice, burial and resurrection. No resurrection without death and burial. That is a wonderful message. Death of the old and burial of it will be followed by resurrection.

Ester speaks of hope to everyone in this world. It is not a local story of death and resurrection. It is not a myth from a pre historic time. It is definitely placed in the history. This happening has been resurrecting many dead hopes. This truth has been changing millions of people.

While all other fertility festivals are local and short lived Easter in universal and is not time bound. Anybody on any day can celebrate Easter, if it is his resurrection day. It is not a festival of any particular religion. It is the festival of all those who are in distress. For it says on every morning to all frustrated souls, ‘this is your resurrection day, this is your Easter’.

Easter is hope. Jesus was rejected, killed and buried. His dead body had a guard by the Roman Empire. It seemed that the whole world did not want the resurrection happen. Rejection, death, burial and guard. But Jesus did resurrect. Nothing could stop Him.

Friends, believe me, nothing can stop you from a resurrection. There is still hope even when all others shout ‘No Hope!’

Was Jesus died for any local people? No. Was Jesus resurrected for any local people? No.
Are you in rejection? Do not worry. A day of resurrection is at hand.
Are you in distress, loss, frustration and despair? A day of resurrection is near.
Has every one of your friends and relatives forgotten you? Your resurrection has arrived.

There is no other myth or historical event that assures you the resurrection of hope like Easter.  It is not a festival to celebrate; it is an experience to go through.

Happy Easter!

Professor Jacob Abraham

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