Three reasons for your failure


Joseph was a boy of 13 years old. He lived in the ancient Patriarchal age. He was born as the son of the great Jewish patriarch, Jacob. He had eleven brothers. One day Joseph had a dream followed by another on another day. The dreams were like this:

Dream - 1. Joseph was binding sheaves in the field together with his brothers. Soon his sheaf stood upright and the sheaves of his brothers stood around and bowed.

Dream - 2. The sun and the moon and the eleven starts paid respect to Joseph.

The meaning of the dreams was simple and clear. Joseph is destined to become a man of honour equal to a King. The dreams went deep into the heart of Joseph. It was transformed into a vision, and became his destiny. In order to fulfill the vision Joseph needed a team. So Joseph shared the dreams with his brothers and father. His brothers hated him because of his vision and his father kept silence. They failed to realize that Joseph’s destiny would be theirs too. All they had to do was, just stand along with him. But they failed him.

One day Joseph’s brothers got him away from his home and father. They planned to kill the dreamer and the dream at a time. They threw Joseph into a dark deep waterless pit. But their eldest brother intervened. Joseph was pulled out and sold to Egyptian merchants as slave. Thus Joseph was disassociated with his first team which failed and moved to a foreign land. Joseph was careful to hold on to his vision even during this adversity.

The merchants sold him as slave to an Egyptian military officer, Potiphar. In the residence of Potiphar Joseph had rather a good time till adversity hit once again. Joseph never let lose his vision. He knew that he is destined to become a King not a slave. Joseph was such a handsome young man that the Potiphar’s wife wanted to have a relationship with him, which he refused. Joseph did not allow anything to come across him and his vision. But due to his refusal, he was falsely charged with sexual abuse by the lady and Joseph was put in a dark dungeon, chained by iron chains.

Dungeon was yet another trial. One day Joseph was connected to two former servants of the King Pharaoh. They had one dream each. Joseph interpreted the dream for them. Everything happened according to Joseph’s interpretation. One was killed soon and the second was reinstated as the chief butler of the King. Joseph knew not that the chief butler was a connecting link to a team that would fulfill his vision.

Joseph was counting his fateful days in the dark dungeon holding tight on the vision he had 17 years ago. Looking at the darkness around, he dreamt of a day of sunshine. Feeling over the iron chains, he dreamt of a royal throne. It will come. It cannot be stopped.

As Joseph was thus spending his life in the dark dungeon, one night the King Pharaoh of Egypt saw a dream. The King could not understand the meaning of the dream. His official dream interpreters in the palace failed to interpret the dream. Suddenly the chief butler remembered Joseph and referred him to the King. Early in the morning, along with the rising sun, Joseph was summoned by the King. Joseph retold the dream in every detail and interpreted the dream. Joseph foretold that there is going to be 7 years of prosperity in Egypt followed by 7 years of famine. The King was impressed at his wisdom and declared him to be the second in the country, only a little below the King by the title and the throne. The country was ordered to bow before Joseph and obey all commands of Joseph.

Joseph was 30 years of old when finally Joseph met his team. The vision and authority formed a perfect team. The success team was finally formed and moved together to the realization of the dream. The reign of Joseph thereafter as the second in the country saved the nation and many around the country and his brothers and father from a great famine.

Thus the vision of Joseph was finally fulfilled, 17 years after he accepted the vision as his destiny, leaving us a lesson NEVER EVER TO GIVE UP OUR VISION IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.


Success is the fulfillment of vision

Genesis 37: 20 Come now therefore, and let us slay him, and cast him into some pit, and we will say, Some evil beast hath devoured him: and we shall see what will become of his dreams.

Success begin with the awareness of the vision
Ignorance is failure

Joseph became aware of his vision at the age of 13.
His two dreams implanted a vision in his heart
Joseph was destined to become a man of authority and honour.

Only people with a vision will become a real success

Vision is a dream about something that has happened beyond a period of time. ©

Vision is not a dream
Dream is unsubstantial (not solid or existing)
Vision is substantial dream (solid or existing)

Dream is a passerby; unless you stop it by force, he will just pass by
Vision is to stay
Vision came for you, and only for you
Dream leaves you if you ignore
Vision haunts and tries you till the fulfillment.

Vision is unique
Dreams of same kind may be found in different persons

Dream may be shared
Vision cannot be shared
However you try, vision cannot be fully shared or imparted to anyone else.

Dream is a passion – you have to run after it
Vision is a driving force – it will make you run

Dream needs power to move on
Vision has innate energy
Dream is to be carried on
Vision has wings to carry you

You are always striving to realize the dream
Vision is striving to take you to the fulfillment.

Dream may be destroyed
Vision cannot be destroyed or defeated.

Dream may let you down
Vision will always lift you up

Vision makes              -     you different from others
-       You Lonely
-       Puts you on the other side of all others
-       Others enemy to you

Vision is not comfort
Vision is a nagging dream
Vision is pain and trial


1.       Your friends (team) fail
2.       You fail
3.       God fail


Vision gets momentum when you share it with your friends and relatives

Vision is no secret
Sharing vision is beginning of its fulfillment
But sharing vision is the beginning of all trouble

Beware with whom you share your vision

By sharing the vision, you are spreading the banner
The vision has become public
You cannot pull back
Going forward is the only option

Never turn back

Expect the best; be ready for the worst


You need a team to fulfill your vision
A team to share and support
When you receive a vision, be sure that a team is getting ready somewhere

So Joseph shared his vision with his brothers and father.
It was necessary for him to share
By sharing the vision, he declared that he has accepted his destiny according to the vision to became a man of authority and honour.

Sharing your vision with your friends and relatives is a search for a team

If you find at your first try, you are blessed
If not go on searching by sharing your vision

Sharing creates enemies too

Joseph was searching for a team
His immediate team was his household members
He decided to give a try.
But they failed
They turned out to be his enemies

Vision is not a night dream
Vision is implanted in you by God
God is creator and the preserver of vision

When God implanted the vision inside you, he has made everything needed to its fulfillment
He has chosen a team of friends and relatives

But your team may fail

Moses had a team:


Aaron lifted up Moses hand on the mountain
Joshua fought in the valley

As time passed on, some failed, others stood with Moses

They may turn enemies
These enemies are misunderstood team members
Ignorance is their failure
The vision is good for them too
Still they may share your vision or reject it
If they reject, do not associate with them any more
Break up the team
Move away and move on

So Joseph moved to a foreign land – Egypt
He was in search of team to fulfill his vision


Failures are not the end
Failures are only temporary hindrances

Hold on to your vision
Vision has an innate power to survive
It has an intrinsic power to lift you up from dungeons

Because of it you went down
Its innate power will lift you up

None can defeat a man with a vision
Your enemies may think they have killed you
But because of your vision, you will never die.

Welcome failures
They are only temporary hindrances
Each temporary hindrances is a turning point

Look at the river
A huge rock in the middle on the way down is a hindrance indeed
It will stop the river for a moment
But only for a moment
The river will find a way to move forward around the rock
It will once again be united and flow on and on…..

Will any bird stop flying because of high mountains?
It will find a new way around or above the mountain

One huge rock or mountain may create one obstacle, but three new ways to move forward – above, left and right


Failures are turning points
You are leaving an old path
You are entering a new path to success

Each failure is a new experience

                                A lesson to success
                                Enabling you to success
                                Teaching you how to handle success

Joseph could disassociate with his brothers, his first team
He moved on through a new path
To a new country
To a new team

Be thankful to failures – they foreshadow your great success
Be thankful for your enemies – you have got the right vision

Same vision
New path
New experience


If your friends fail, you fail
If your team fails, you fail

You are meeting your first failure

Evaluate why you or your friends failed
Do not allow the failure to repeat

It may be because

Your dream is too big for your friends
Your friends have misunderstood it as a vision solely for you – it was your survival and theirs too.
Those who understood did not support you in public
They have no capacity for your vision

Do not be dismayed
Do not despair
This a turning point
You are moving forward to find a new team

Vision belongs to God
You are only its faithful steward

Vision has an innate power to fulfill it


Failure after failure
We give up the vision
We fail

                      Disloyal team
                      Financial challenges
                      Physical problems
                      Rising responsibility – family
                      Ageing problems

But hold on
Hold on as you go to the dungeon

No Night will be longer than 12 hours
Every night is followed by sunshine
It is the unchanging law of nature

“If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind”? (Shelly, the 19th c. poet in his Ode to the West Wind)

Night is not an inactive period
You are searching for a team

Early in the next morning you are going to meet your perfect team
It is being prepared throughout the night

Pharaoh is having a dream

You started well
You got your vision well
You shared it with your immediate friends and relatives
You sought help
But they failed

                      Brothers became enemies
                      Father failed to act in public

So move away in search of your team


Events at Potiphar’s house is an interlude

It proves Joseph’s:

2.      Integrity
3.      Concentration on his vision
4.      Uncompromising spirit
5.      Comprehension of his great vision

It qualifies you for the vision

The long delay is trying out you
The chains do try out you
The darkness of the dungeon is trying out you
Do you qualify?

Success is not a gift of luck; it is the reward for long suffering (long suffering) and perseverance (continue steadfastly or determinedly). ©

Remember, next morning you are going to meet your success team
It is just around this night
It is only a matter of few hours


Break up and move on are the two actions you should do at a failure
Move away
Go forward in search of a new team


Joseph and Pharaoh
The visionary and the King
The vision and authority


God is the creator and implanter of the vision
Men are only faithful stewards

You were living a simple life as an ordinary person
Vision was implanted into you by God

There is something in you that qualify you to carry the vision to its fulfillment
There is something that makes you different from others

God will never fail

God has implanted energy inside the vision to go forward to the final realization
It just cannot sit idle
It just cannot go back without its realization

Look at clouds
Can it go back without raining?
Can raining go back to clouds without reaching the earth?
Can rain water go back without making the land fertile?


It is simply a natural law decreed by God
It will not change

Every seed of plants are created by God
God has placed an innate energy inside the seed to grow and multiply
God need not interfere at every stage

Vision has an innate energy to move on to the final fulfillment
God need not interfere at every particular stage

Dreams may fade
Vision does not
Vision is to stay


What God does when our friends and relatives (your first team) fail?

God will lift you and connect you to other friends

New friends
New team
New circumstances
New job

Even, a new country.

Be flexible and available.
Flexibility is the key to a new opportunity
Being available is the only way to catch hold of it

Do not accept failure and spend the rest of life relating the tale.
Just move on …

Why care for those who failed you
Love them, do not hate, for they have just misunderstood you.
But move away
Your vision is greater than a failed relation.

It may be a long journey, but bear it

Joseph moved on from his loving father and failed brothers (his first team)
He moved on with Egyptian merchants
Egyptians merchants were not his team; they were only a connecting link to a new country
Potiphar and family is not his team
They did not share his vision
They tried to distract him from the vision

The dungeon looked dark
But it was the last part of the journey


Take care of connecting links
Pharaoh’s servants are a connecting link
Do not ignore them as little things
There is nothing unimportant or useless

Something not of much importance in a current situation will prove be to highly useful at another situation

But connecting links are not your team

They are only a bridge to your team

A connecting link may be:

A new friendship
A new business opportunity (business simply is not your vision – what you are aiming to achieve through business is your vision)
A new interview
An invitation to associate freely with a project

Even rendering aid to an old couple to cross the road may act as a connecting link.


Connecting links have no capacity to fulfill your vision
Your team has the capacity for fulfilling your vision

You cannot fulfill your vision without certain ingredient that you lack
Your team supplies that ingredient

Joseph and King Pharaoh
Vision and authority

Connecting link is only a bridge to your team
Team is back support you need to fulfill the vision


Yes, there is once chance

If you fail, God fails

If your first team fails, your vision itself will lift you out
If you fail, nothing can lift you.

So hold on
No night can be longer
It is just a matter of few more hours
Your team is getting ready
Pharaoh is dreaming a dream
His dream is the final step to victory.


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