How to become an extra ordinary person?

These are days in which everybody wants to become an extra ordinary person
People want to receive extra ordinary power, extra ordinary beauty, extra ordinary wealth, extra ordinary success etc.
They are ready to adopt any method to become extra ordinary.

There are lot of business that offers different methods to become extra ordinary.
Some motivational speakers, some other corporate trainers, religious leaders, physical fitness experts, beauticians etc. are in the field offering different methods.
Tragically, it is a truth that none of us become extra ordinary by practicing any of these methods.

This is the paradox of this century.

We are living in the post modern age in the 21 century.
This century is an age of incredible inventions and discoveries.
This is an age of advanced scientific and technological advancement that never happened before.

My generation, in India has witnessed and experienced old village bullock carts in our childhood and is now speaking to the world without moving even an inch from my home.
In my childhood automobile was miracle and a wonder.
Now many families in India own more than one automobile in their house.

I am reaching you with this message through internet.
It was not even in the dreams of our ancestors.
Cars and planes without driver and drones for photography and war were crazy ideas in olden days.

Now we have gone up to Mars as if it is next door to us.
We are preparing for migrating to new planets.
We have everything, we can create everything and we can change everything.

But, tragically, this is an age of increased supernatural beliefs.
In the whole human history, supernatural beliefs never left man or man never gave up supernatural beliefs.

In history the period between 12 C and 15 C is known as Dark Ages.
It is mainly because of superstitious beliefs existed in that age.

I doubt, whether 21 C is competing to defeat that age in superstitions.

At one side, we are scientifically and technologically progressing at a tremendous speed.
At another side, we are digging up old superstitions and creating new ones.

None care whether these things have any scientific proof to support it.
None care about any proven records of these beliefs.

It seems, we are trying to find answers to the mysteries in our life.
Science fails to answer to all our questions and technology fails to solve all our problems.

In the past, whenever science and technology failed to sustain the comforts of our life, we had a sure place to rely on.
That was religion.
But religion lost its hold from the 19 C century itself.

I too do not believe in religion.
I think that religion is the worse exploiter and the cruelest murderer.
Religion, whatever it is, only exploits and murders.

More people have been murdered in the name of religion than in all the wars fought on this earth.
If religions were made by a beneficent God, none will kill another in its name.
Religion is man made and is far away from God.

In fact, all religions in this world are anti God.
God has nothing to do with religion.

That is why I used to exhort always not to believe in religion.

Do not believe in religion;
Believe only in God.

But the postmodern man does not believe in God, but goes blindly after religions.
This is another tragedy of the modern man.
Religions offer superstitious beliefs with an aim to exploit the ignorant.

Thus in this age of advance science and technology, we practice many superstitious beliefs to resolve the mystery of our life.

We believe that some physical materials can produce positive energy and some others produce negative energy.
So we keep a stump of Sri Buddha’s head in our cars and houses believing that it can radiate positive energy into us.
Do we have any scientific proof to it? We do not care.

We hang brass metal tubes in front of our house.
They make musical sounds as the wind blows against it.
We believe that this musical sound is the sound of the arriving gods of blessings.

Some of us keep a stump of Chinese gods to bring luck to our home.
Some others keep Chinese bamboo for a good future.

Once one of friend, while visiting my house, asked me not to keep plants belonging to the family of cactus at my house. He argued that cactus plats produce negative energy.

We, Indians are constructing and remodeling our houses in accordance with superstitious beliefs.

If all these could bring us blessings, richness and power, how easy it could have been.
We do not need any economist; just keep a stump or a plant or remodel the building of the central bank of the nation, and the nation will be flourishing.

Just keep a stump or a particular plant or construct or remodel your house according to some beliefs – and fortune will flow like a flood into your house!

But it does not work like that.
All these stories of energies are fake and false.
Science never supported these energies.
Only pseudo science stands behind it.

All these beliefs have no proven record.
They cannot assure you success.
They are numerous in number that no human being can follow all of them.
The so called experts in these beliefs have different opinions, so that you do not know what exactly is right.

More over, there is an amazing fact about all these superstitions:

Those who do not believe and do not practice these beliefs are also blessed abundantly.
There is a way to become an extra ordinary person

But this message is not intended to prove or disprove any superstitious belief.
This message is to convey a good news to you all.

There is a way and belief that will make you an extra ordinary person.

This belief is not a superstitious story.
It is part of human history.
It has proven record.
It has living examples
It is unfailing and same to all and ever.
None who have tried this belief has ever complained of failure.
There is no different opinion among the experts.
Everything is available written and free.
We need none to mediate, no rites or ritual.

It is the belief in God.

Yes, it is that much simple.

God is not a part of any system of beliefs.
God is not a part of any religion.
God is not a myth or legend.

God is the truth and He is the ancient of all ancients.
That means God existed even before all ancient gods and people.

God is powerful to change us into an extra ordinary person.
He has promised to do it.
He has been doing it throughout the past centuries.
He is still continuing His work among people

History is a proof of God’s miraculous works.
God has changed the barbarian civilization of human beings into a refined civilization.
He has converted dark nations into prosperous countries.
He has changed man eaters into lovers of humanity.
He has worked miracles in the lives of poor people turning them to wealthy people.
He has healed many from fatal diseases.

Doctors have acknowledged His might.
Politicians are aware of His power.
The rich knows His character.
The poor relies on Him
Nature always obeys His commands.

He is God.
He is nothing else.
And nothing else can become God.
God’s promise of extra ordinary power

Before 2000 years, God made an unchanging promise to mankind.
He promised to turn all human beings into extra ordinary men and women.

We read God’s promise recorded in the Bible, in the Book of Acts, Chapter 2, Verse 8

Acts 1:8   "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth."    (NKJV)

This is the promise of Holy Spirit and His power.
Jesus, before his ascension into heaven, promised that the Holy Spirit will come upon us.

Here, after reading this promise of Jesus, some questions may rise in our mind:

1.     Who is Jesus to make such a promise of the power of Holy Spirit? Is He God?
2.     Is the promise for all of us? Or for those who stood around Jesus at that time?
3.     Can it truly change us into extra ordinary persons performing extra ordinary actions?
Let me answer these three questions:
Is Jesus God?

Yes; Jesus is God

Jesus is God.
Jesus is the Word of God that was incarnated in a human body.
Or Jesus is the Word of God that appeared to us and lived among us and died and resurrected for the atonement of our sins.

Jesus is not a created living being.
Jesus is the creator Himself.

Jesus did exist before he was born on this earth.
He was always the Word of God.

Jesus is not a second personality.
God is a single personality.
Jesus is one of the attributes of God: the Word of God.

We have only one God.
He has revealed Himself so far in three attributes: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
None is superior; none is inferior; because they all are one.

This great mystery is revealed by John in his Gospel:

John 1:1, 2, 3 & 4
1    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
 2   He was in the beginning with God.
 3   All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.
 4   In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.   (NKJV)

Let us read verse 14 also along with this.

John 1:14   And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.   (NKJV)

Yes; Jesus is God.

Since Jesus is God, He can promise anything from Heaven.

Jesus has promised the power and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit is one of the attributes of God.
That means Holy Spirit is God
Which in turn means Holy Spirit is Jesus.

For a Born Again Christian who has received the Holy Spirit, Jesus is not a story, but a present truth, who is always with him.
A Born Again believer is living with Jesus.
The second question

Is the promise of the Holy Spirit for all of us? Or only for those who stood around Jesus at that time?

This is really an important question.
None of us were there when Jesus promised the power and presence of Holy Spirit.
Can we get it?

In Acts, chapter 2, Peter answers this question.
He confirms that the promise is for all of us.

Acts 2:39   "For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call."   (NKJV)

So do not be confused
Do not doubt
The promise is to all who stood around Jesus and to all who are far off and to all whom our Lord shall call to Him in future.
Receive the promise and receive the power and presence of Holy Spirit.

And become an Extra Ordinary person.

The third question

Can it truly change us into extra ordinary persons performing extra ordinary actions?

Surely, it can.
All the 12 disciples of Jesus were ill famous for their lack of formal education.
Some were fishermen by occupation; some were tax collectors and out casts and about others we do not have a reliable record.
There are many references in the Bible to their commonness.
But when the Holy Spirit came upon them they became extra ordinary people.

The following is a comment said about the disciple of Jesus, by non Christians and unbelievers of the time:

Acts 17:6   …. "These who have turned the world upside down have come here too.   (NKJV)

The ordinary, uneducated disciples of Jesus received the power to turn the world upside down.
It is because of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit can change you to an extra ordinary person who can turn the world upside down.

Do you want to become an extra ordinary man?
Receive the Holy Spirit.

All these claims I have made so far has proven records.
It is history.
Jesus is a historical figure.
The disciples are historical figures.
All those incidents and happenings I have cited above are history.

Holy Spirit has been creating and changing history since the great day of Pentecost.
On the day of Pentecost, did Holy Spirit come down to the disciples and a small gathering of 120 people at Jerusalem.
It happened more than 2016 years ago.

Since then, the Holy Spirit has come upon many people.
The promise is for all those who believe and ask for Him.
Many who lived and are living have become extra ordinary people.
Only because of the presence of the Holy Spirit in their life.

Do you want to become an extra ordinary person?
Do you want to receive an extra ordinary blessing?
Do you want to live an extra ordinary life?

Superstitious beliefs will never change you to an extra ordinary person with an extra ordinary situation.
Only Holy Spirit can do it.

So receive the Holy Spirit.
For receiving the Holy Spirit, you have to do only 3 things:

1.      Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness by faith in the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
2.      Receive Jesus as your Lord and savior of your life
3.      Ask Jesus for an infilling of the Holy Spirit.

God wants extra ordinary people to restore His Kingdom.
God wants you to join His army.

Join today and Now!

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