God's Purpose for Physical Blessings

This message is not a theological discussion.
This is only a loud thinking about a question we constantly face in our practical life.
The question is: what is God’s the purpose for physical blessings?

Let us start with another question: Does God blesses us physically?
The answer definitely is “yes”. God blesses us physically while we live in this world.
Physical blessings are a reality that we see around.
Do you have a shelter, food and clothes? If yes; you are physical blessed.
Our testimonies are mostly testimonies of physical blessings.
A major part of our prayer is request for physical blessings.

Why does God bless us with physical blessings?
And what is His purpose for our physical blessings?
This is what we are discussing in this video.

Before we move to the discussion of God’s purpose for physical blessings, let us try to understand what physical blessings are.

We all know that humans are a three part structure – body, soul and spirit.
Remember, our topic is not this, but we have to bring this fact to our mind for a better understanding of physical blessings.

All of us now live in a physical realm, not in a spiritual realm.
The soul and spirit is contained in our body.
Our physical body cannot enter the spiritual realm.
We may have some spiritual experiences while we live in this world, but we cannot live in the spiritual realm and the physical realm at the same time.

When we look at a person we are seeing his physical body.
As we get more familiar with him we slowly understand the soul of the person in a different dimension.
But still we never see the soul.
We can never see or understand the spirit of a person.
We can understand the nature of the spirit of a person through the fruits of the spirit.

That means we can see with our physical eyes the physical body of a person but cannot see the soul and the spirit of a person.
Still the human with these three constitutes lives in this physical world.

So while he lives in this physical realm, whatever he experience is experienced by his whole self.
His spirit may not enjoy or affected by the worldly pleasures and calamities in this world.
But the spirit experiences divine peace and comfort even while it is contained in the physical body of a human.
Physical blessings can comfort our spirit also as long as the blessings come from God.
Our spirit is disturbed when we go after worldly pleasures and sin.

Remember the spirit of Adam and Eve died when they committed sin in this physical world with their physical body.
That means we can hurt our spirit while we live in this world.
And we can do something to enliven our spirit as we live in this world.

Our second component, the soul is our personality.
Our personality is formed and reformed by all what he have been experiencing in this world in our life.
What we are now is the total of all our experiences in our life so far.
That means the physical affects the soul also.

What we are telling is that all physical blessings we receive or enjoy while we live in this world are for the three part structure of body, soul and spirit, that is a human being.
Some may appeal to our physical body alone; some other may appeal to our soul and some affects our spirit also.

Shall I put forward another question here?
Is there any difference between blessings from God and blessings from this world?
Yes, there is.
What appeals and affects to our whole being – body, soul and spirit together – is from God.
What appeals and affects to one or two parts of our being only is from this world.

That is, if a physical blessing that appeal and affects body, soul and spirit; all together at the same time is from God.
A physical blessing that appeals and affects our body alone is from this world.
A physical blessing that appeals and affects our body and soul alone is also from this world.
And finally what appeals and affects our spirit for good is from God for it affects our whole being.
What hurts our spirit is from this world, for it hurts our whole being.

We simply want to state that all the blessings that we receive from God while we live in this world are physical.
Some of these physical blessings may affect or may not affect our spiritual life.
Thus physical blessings we receive from God include: spiritual, physical and material blessings.
Peace, healing, wealth and possessions all include in this category.

The canon for detecting whether a blessing is from God or the world is that, all blessings from God accelerate our spiritual life and all blessings from the world weaken our spiritual life.

Let me answer one more question before we move forward.
Does God always bless humans with physical blessings? No!
God may not grant a physical blessing to a man in the nature, space and time that he may expect.
But this is not the topic we discuss in this video.
Our topic is God’s purpose in blessing us with physical blessings.

I hope you have understood the above precept.
These precepts apply only as long as we live in this physical realm.
Understanding whatever I have said so far is very important for this discussion.

So now let us move to our main question?

Does God have a purpose in blessing us while we are on this earth? Definitely!
God never does anything without a definite purpose.
What are they? Let us look at some of God’s purposes one by one.
I do not claim that this is an exhaustive study on the topic.
Some other God’s servants may have more to add. We should listen to them also.
I am presenting here 4 plausible reasons.

1.   God wants to incline our heart to God’s Grace and salvation

To understand this, we must have some idea about Grace and salvation and how it works.
But since this video is not about Grace or salvation, we cannot go on to a detailed explanation.
There are videos available in my video channel: youtube.com/thenaphtalitribe about Grace and how salvation works.
Please watch that video also along with this.

Grace is not irresistible.
Irresistible Grace violates our Free Will.
We have the freewill of choice to accept or reject God’s Grace.
Grace and salvation are legal offers to all men in this world, but experienced only by those who accept it by faith.

God offers salvation by Grace to us.
We have the freedom to turn back to it and walk away.
But if you are predestined by God for salvation, God will work in you so that you respond positively.
God extends Grace to the elected one in such a way that he accepts it.
This is a theological topic of hot discussion.
We are not taking part in the debate now.

Man, by nature has no inclination for God and His Grace.
Humans have natural inclinations towards sin.

Noah, in the Old Testament, was a man who sought and found Grace.

Genesis 6:8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. (NKJV)

Found” is a simple active perfect verb, not a passive one.
Thus, Noah found favour or  grace in God’s eyes because he was actively looking for it.
God’s grace is always available; it is not hidden from anyone.
But it must be “found” by God’s servants.

But usually man is not a seeker of God’s Grace.

Genesis 8:21 And the LORD smelled a soothing aroma. Then the LORD said in His heart, "I will never again curse the ground for man's sake, although the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done.  (NKJV)

In this Bible verse God is stating His foreknowledge that humans have an inclination towards evil.
Then will he ever respond positively to God’s Grace? Naturally no!
That means his heart must be prepared towards Grace.
God may use physical blessings to prepare us for the acceptance of God’s Grace.

Please note that God may not always use physical blessings to incline a human to Grace.
But one of the purposes of physical blessings is to prepare the hearts of people to incline towards Grace.

For example, a man who is in deep debt may find a miraculous way to clear his debts.
A sick non believer may be healed miraculously that he may consider God ways.
A troubled rich man may suddenly experience the divine peace in his life.
All these are physical blessings from God to respond positively towards Grace.

In Acts 3 and 4 we read about a healing crusade that led 5000 to Christ.
As Peter and John were going into the temple, they noticed a lame man sitting at the gate of the temple begging for help.
They had a short conversation and the apostles healed him in the name of Jesus.
The man suddenly entered with them into the temple, walking, and leaping, and praising God.
This attracted the church going crowd and they ran towards the Apostles.
This was a wonderful opportunity and Peter shared gospel with them.
As a result, though the religious leaders were angry, 5000 men accepted Jesus as savior.

This is an excellent way God uses a physical blessing to prepare the heart of people for God’s Grace and salvation.

2.   God wants to keep us sound to fulfill His purpose about us

God has a purpose about each and every one of us.
Think about us; when were we saved?
May be a few days ago, a few months ago or may be a few years ago.
The best moment in our life is the moment we accepted Jesus as savior and received salvation.
We are a new creation like a new born baby.
All our sins are just washed away and we stand clean.

Was it not the best moment for God to take our life from this evil world?
Does not God know that living in this world as a born again Christian is hard and there are chances that we accumulate impurity as we continue to live here?
Still God did not take us away from this world at the moment of rebirth.
Instead He lets us continue to live in this evil world.

Why? Because God has a purpose to fulfill with our life.
To fulfill God’s purpose about our life we should live with an intention to fulfill God’s purpose.
And in order to live and work for the fulfillment of God’s purpose for our life in this world, He may grant appropriate physical blessings.

This does not mean that God has been granting physical blessings to all of His servants always.
There had been many God’s servants who went through perils, starvation and torture for the sake of the gospel.
It is usual that physical blessings from God do not come to men at the time, space and manner we wish.

The great prophet Elijah had to spend days drinking from a brook and eating bread given by a raven.
He had to run away to a gentile nation and ask for the last piece of bread that a starving widow had.
But all these worked out for the good of the Kingdom of God.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.  (NKJV)

The above mentioned story of Elijah may be seen in two angles: One is positive and another is negative

Let us look at the story with a negative attitude.
Poor man of God, he prophesied to the King as he was instructed by God.
The prophecy came into being but the prophet was in trouble.
He had nothing to eat and drink and death threat was upon him.
He had to run away and lived by a stream.
He sustained there by drinking water from the dirty stream nearby and by sharing food with a dirty crow.
That also stopped after some time.
Then he ran away from his own country to a gentile nation.
There he demanded the last piece of bread from widow and lived in her house.
This story shows all the hardships of a God’s servant.

Now let us read the story with a positive attitude.
The man of God stood before the King of Israel and announced the judgment of God.
The prophecy came into being and there was a great famine in the land.
So he ran away and lived by the side of a stream.
There even in the days of drought and famine God provided him a beautiful stream of pure water.
He drank from it.
God commanded a raven to bring him food from the King’s table at every meal time.
He was miraculously sustained by God.
As the stream dried up, God sent him to the nearby gentile nation.
There he performed a miracle in the life of a widow who was about to commit suicide.
There he lived enjoying a part of the miracle God did for the widow through him.
When the right time came God returned him to his home country.
What a miraculous and inspiring story.

Both the two versions above are true.
But the way we looked at the story is different.
And the best story is a combination of both.

There are hardships for God’s servants.
There are miraculous provisions also in God’s plan for us.
When a miracle happens in our life, let us remember that a hard time is near.
When a hard time occurs, let us remember that a miracle is at hand.

Jesus was wearing a beautiful seamless garment while he was arrested.
At the bottom of His cross, the soldiers did not want to tear it, but decided to keep it for one of them.
It was that much beautiful and costly.
But even while Jesus was wearing it, He was arrested and taken to crucifixion.
No blessing is a protection from hardships for the sake of gospel.

But, remember, this discussion is not about whether God blesses His servants or not.
We are discussing God’s purpose of physical blessings.

I am talking to you via internet and through a visual media.
You are watching this video via internet through a visual media.
Some of my videos are available on TV and you can watch them at your home.
This is a physical blessing that God had granted me and you for the increase of His Kingdom.

Thus God has granted us health, wealth and peace.
We should realize that everything God has given us now is for a heavenly purpose.
We should utilize them for that.
God’s blessings are an enablement to suffer hardships for the Kingdom sake.

Our house, automobile, money, friendship, relatives, church community, farm, education and everything has a heavenly purpose.
It is our duty to find God’s purpose and utilize them for His glory.
If we do not, we fail miserably in fulfilling His purpose about out life.

3.   God wants to reveal his Glory among the gentile nations

Does God want to reveal His glory among the gentile nations? Yes!
What? Why should He, the Almighty God ever care for the gentiles who are destined to eternal doom?

Let us take all nations around us at all time as background to the answer.
What do we see around?
Gentile beliefs and practice are popular in this the world.
We feel that gentile practices are gaining more popularity day by day.
And those who practice gentile beliefs silently or violently are raising questions about the validity and exclusiveness of our beliefs, practices and our God.

This was the social and cultural background all the time since the Old Testament period.
God glorifies Himself as an answer to the challenges posed by the gentiles.
He did it Genesis, Exodus and everywhere.
God answered the challenges of the gentiles through Samson and Gideon.
God revealed the holiness of His nation during the time of David, His riches through Solomon.
God’s eternal plan of redemption is revealed, the necessary sacrifice is done and the resurrection of the first fruit is fulfilled in the New Testament period.
No gentile power or satan could stop God, the Almighty.
In fact every action and every intervention of God in human history is a revelation of God’s Glory.

Remember that God cannot reveal His glory and triumph through gentile persons or a gentile people group.
If He ever wishes to reveal His Glory among the gentile nations, that can be done only through His own people.
That is why God chose and redeemed Israelites as His own people and put them under His own laws His Kingship.

Today we the born again Christians live in the inaugurated Kingdom of God as its citizens.
The question is, how should we live?
Revealing the glory of the Kingdom or as a shame to the Kingdom?

Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  (NKJV)

Physical blessings as we discuss here include total wealth, i.e. health, wealth and peace.
We are not talking about material wealth alone.
I repeat it again because there are some extremists who have gone too far with God’s blessings to the understanding that blessings are only material.
Critics of these new extreme preachers have gone to the other extreme pole to argue that only spiritual blessings are God’s blessings.
We must be careful not to deny God’s work in healing and blessing us, while we disagree with the extreme preachers who propagate material blessings alone.
A duplicate product is the proof an original product.

Material blessings are not a proof of God’s favour.
Material blessings without health or peace of mind are not from God.
Physical blessings are not material blessings alone, but include it.
Because, physical blessing from God is a package of body, soul and spirit.
For God, human are body, soul and spirit.

We live for Christ and His Kingdom.
Everything happens to us must be for the Glory of God.
Our life and all that we posses and experience are for His Glory and His Glory alone.

The only incident where a man is saved at the sight of suffering is the cross.
The thief on the right side of the crucified Christ looked at the gorgy figure of Jesus and prayed to remember him as Jesus return as the King.
This is the only place where a man is saved by seeing a tragedy in another man’s life.
But even here the thief is saved by Grace through faith in the glorious truth that Jesus is the expected King.

Just recollect all the testimonies we have been hearing in our churches and other congregations.
Have you ever heard somebody telling that he turned towards Christ by seeing a cancer or aids patient suffering?
We always hear that a healing, a miraculous saving from the debt or freedom from the torture of satan lead a person to Christ.

Remember always that this is the purpose of God’s blessings in your life.
Whenever you enjoy a blessing from God, consider it as a blessing that should lead ourselves or attract some other person to Christ.

Physical blessings reveal God’s Glory in a physical world.
Though the heaven and earth can be filled with His Glory, humans can experience it only when it is revealed.
Unless it is revealed to human experience, man cannot experience God’s Glory.

If you have this attitude of mind, all our doubts and misunderstanding of God’s blessings will disappear.
Let us praise God for all His blessings in our life.
Let us praise God that the blessings in our life attract others to Christ.
Praise God that all His blessings in our life reveals His Glory.

4.   God wants to bless us to the increase of His Kingdom

Do our physical blessings have anything to do with the Kingdom of God?
Kingdom of God is a promised Kingdom in the Old Testament, an inaugurated Kingdom in the New Testament and a fulfilled Kingdom in the eternity.
Eternity is a spiritual experience that permits no physical materials.
Once we enter the eternity, we need not do anything to increase it.

But we have not yet entered the fulfilled Kingdom of God.
We are still in the inaugurated Kingdom.
And the influence of the inaugurated Kingdom in this world should increase.
We are God’s ambassadors to do it.

Kingdom of God is not a treasure that must be hidden and enjoyed secretly.
It must be lifted up among the people and the joy of it should be celebrated.

 Matthew 5:15  "Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.   (NKJV)

When we share the gospel of salvation we are sharing the joy of salvation that we are experiencing.

But what has our physical blessing to do with the increase of the Kingdom?

Please recollect whatever we have been discussing so far in this message.
Everything was about physical blessings and God’s purpose behind it.
In another way, God’s purpose for our physical blessings is the increase of the Kingdom

That means our health, wealth, material prosperity and peace of mind and everything that God has bestowed upon us is intended to be utilized for the Kingdom.
All these blessings are physical and all physical blessings can be traded.
Health may be traded for the increase of the Kingdom.
Wealth is a definite source of support to the increase of the Kingdom.

We will have no such physical blessings in the fulfilled Kingdom of God.
There we will enjoy divine health without any sickness.
In another words, the vocabulary of sickness and health is not necessary there.
Wealth will be a meaningless term because we inherit the Kingdom itself.
No material possessions will be granted to us in the eternity; because we will have no earthly flesh and body.
Peace that transcends all understanding will come to a fulfillment.

That means whatever physical blessings we experience today are only for the life in this world which has a divine purpose.
It is here that many of our co believers start to resent.
The true reason for the resentment is clear:
We do not want to depart with or share our physical blessings for the advancement of the Kingdom.

But remember, believing that physical blessings are not from God is not a solution to problem.
Denying our ownership of the physical blessings is the right solution.
All our blessings are not ourselves; its rightful owner is God.
We are only stewards of the blessings.

1 Chronicles 29: 14 But who am I, and who are my people, That we should be able to offer so willingly as this? For all things come from You, And of Your own we have given You.

It is a great joy that God has found us worthy to entrust all the blessings with us.
Now we have to utilize all our physical blessings for the advancement of the Kingdom.
The Kingdom of God must grow and we along with all our physical blessings should decrease.

A good steward knows that the property he manages belongs to his master.
A good steward manages the property to fulfill the master’s plan.
A good steward is faithful in managing the property under him.
A good steward manages everything cleverly.

If you like to know more about Christian Stewardship, please visit our video channel: youtube.com/thenaphtalitribe.
There you will find a video on the topic.

Let me conclude this message.
This has been a simple message about a question we often face in our everyday life.

What a joy and peace it is to consider our physical blessings: as a gift from God; that reveals His glory to the gentiles; to fulfill God’s purpose.
Asceticism is not the Christian way of life.
Active exercise to increase the Kingdom of God is God’s purpose for us.

May God bless you!

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