Constituents of Faith


Before we start the message, let us understand what we are going to discuss here
We have limited this message to certain points and approaches.
Please keep this limitation of our present message while you listen this video

They are:

1.      This message is about the constituents of faith
That means, this is not an explanation of any definition of faith
We are not trying to define, redefine, and simplify faith
This message is simply an attempt to find out the key ingredients of faith.

2.      This message is not a doctrinal statement.
To establish, reestablish or to introduce any new doctrine is not the aim of this message

3.      This video contains a Christian sermon, not a theological discussion.
The aim of this sermon is to motivate Christian believers to start building faith in God’s provision for them.

And also I request you all to watch the whole video, because the end is more important than the beginning.
The arguments presented at the end of this message gives weight and meaning to whatever I say throughout the sermon.

What is faith?

Let us start with the question, what is faith?

Hebrews 11:1 presents a classic definition of faith.
But the definition is often blamed of obscurity
It is a hard nut to crack.
Theological wise men have been trying to crack the nut thrown to us by Apostle Paul in Hebrews 11:1
They have given us many explanations with an intention to simplify the definition of Paul

As we have stated in the beginning of this sermon, it is not our intention here to define or explain the statement of Paul
Still let us read the verse.

Here I have a simple rendering of the verse.
I am reading from New Century Version

Hebrews 11:1 
1    Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.

The verse is clearer here than in many other versions of the Bible
It states that faith is “knowing that something is real even if we do not see it”.

That is it.
Though we do not see it in our real physical life, something is real
Knowing that something that is beyond our physical experience is real is faith.

With this definition and explanation let us go to the message.

50% of Faith is dream

Fifty percentage of faith is dream

I do not mean all those dreams people see in their subconscious state of mind.
But I do include:

·        Dreams a believer in God sees when he is awake
·        Dreams given by God while he sleep in day or night
·        Dreams and visions he receive by a divine intervention

Dreams are important
Dreams are not only dreams that you see at night during sleep
And all those dreams that you see during sleep are not included here in the 50% of faith.
The fifty percent accepts only dreams that are imparted by God.

Though they are imparted by God, dreams are dreams.

Dreams you see while you are awake are also important.
These too can build faith in you.

This may look bit foolish.
We are free to dream anything while we are awake.

Can it be a part of God’s plan for us?
Can it draw God’s support in fulfilling them?
What use of it if they are not backed by divine plan?
Here we should remember that we are talking about the constituents of faith.
And faith is a proprietary of a believer not of an unbeliever.
An unbeliever believes in things and a believer in God has faith.

So our message is about the faith of a believer, not the beliefs of an unbeliever.

The day dream of a born again believer in God has the back support of God.
Please continue to listen to this message for an answer.
Do not go away.

Dreams and visions have no day and night, no awake and sleep when they are imparted by God.
God can impart a dream or vision into your mind while you pray, talk, drive, do shopping or at any moment in your life
Divine impartation of dreams is a sign of a healthy relationship with God
Naturally they help to create and build faith.
Let me assure you that your dreams are life to your faith.
All dreams, day or night, awake or sleepy, imparted or natural are life to your faith.
This is the blood that carries life to faith
No dream no faith stands.

I agree that, a Dream is no reality
But a believer dreams not to waste away his extra time.
He dreams for God to fulfill it.

Dreams are highways to the reality.

This is an important difference between the dream of an unbeliever and the dream of a believer

A believer wants God to fulfill all his dreams
He dreams only those dreams that can be fulfilled by the Kingdom of Heaven.
His dreams are within the boundary of the Heavenly Kingdom.

So his dreams, during awake and sleep constitute his faith in God’s plan for him.

Before God could do the miracle in Abraham’s life, God taught Abraham to dream.
Abraham dreamed day and night.
He dreamed of children as much as stars in the sky and sands on the shore.

His dream created faith
His dream built the faith
His dream nourished the faith until he tasted the fruit of faith.

A son was born to him at the impossible age of 100 years.
2.  25% of faith is hope

Hope is the hope of Abraham

Surely, faith models our great Patriarch of faith, Abraham
So hope too has a model in him.

Abraham hoped for a miracle where there was no chance of hope.

He was promised to have a son next year by that time, at an age of 99 years.
He knew that there was no chance of begetting a son at this age.
Still he dreamed of sons as much as stars in the sky and hoped for its materialization.

He knew it was impossible
He knew it is hopeless
Still he hoped to see it materialized.

And it came true.

Hope that is constituent to faith has a special character.
It is long suffering hope
It is a long, long hope
It is a hope to see the dreams materialize.
It is a hope that will go on hoping till the dreams materialize.

Short term hope is not accepted as a constituent of faith.
Only long term hope is included as an ingredient of faith.

It is a hope to see the impossible happen
It is a hope that goes on till the impossible happen.

Hope is a creative power
It moves the hands of God to create the impossible out of nothing

Hope carries his dreams to future
Hope keeps his dreams alive through perils and uncertainties
Hope is a safe place to deposit your dreams until they are materialized.

Hope is a safe chest where no thieves shall steal.
Devil may attack hope, but he can never conquer hope.
In turn, hope can defeat the devil.

Hope looks beyond the present reality
Hope sees beyond the horizon.
Abraham lived on this earth as a rich man with his son, servants, cattle and wealth
Still he hoped to inherit a Kingdom build by God
He hoped to live an eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven
So he lived on the earth as a stranger.
He perched his mind on the spiritual kingdom by his hope.

Hope is not an inactive or idle waiting
It is active and dynamic
It is working even if we do not see any change.

It brings a small cloud as big as a palm
Then it grows and grows…. And finally it falls down as thunder and rain

Hope is a force that works beyond the geographical area
It works powerfully in the spiritual realm.
Hope brings down the material of your dream from the spiritual realm into the physical realm.

So, Faith is composed of dreams and hope.

3.     25% of Faith is the Word of God

All constituents of Faith are deeply rooted in the Word of God
Word of God is the base and foundation of faith
Nothing build on anything else is faith.
Faith cannot exist without God’s Word

Word of God is of two kinds:

·        Logos – the written word, as it is available to us today in printed or electronic medium
It is spoken long before and recorded for the future generation.
It does not change.
·        Rhema – the spoken Word of God
It is the Word that God speaks to His Church or to individuals today and now.
Rhema is what God speaks today and now to His faithful

We cannot predict what God is going to speak to us today or now.
It is totally based on His Will and Pleasure.

It is divine instructions for us to obey today.
Dreams are usually unsubstantial, immaterial things
But the dreams of a believer in Christ has a strong foundation.
Our dreams must have the foundation of His Word – Logos or Rhema
Our dreams must be constructed on the foundation of His Word
His Word makes our dreams substantial and concrete

We dream of His Word coming true
Our dreams are a foretelling of what God is going to do in our life

Foretelling is declaring something before it happen.
It is not prophecy
It is our wish expressed, based on His Word

Hope is an extension of dream based on God’s Word
The power of hope is the power of God’s word
God’s Word materializes our hope

No hope live long without His Word
And only a long living hope is converted into concrete experiences.
The conversion is possible only with God’s Word

God’s Word is the originator and the fulfillment of hope
God’s Word is the hope that stands against despair

It is Word that creates, sustains and fulfills Faith.

50% of Faith is dream
25% of Faith is Hope
25% of Faith is God’s Word

Without God’s Word there is no dream and no hope
God’s Word is all and everything.

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