Kingdom Partners Invited

What are Earth and Heaven?

What is earth?
Earth is an extension or a province of the Kingdom of Heaven.
Heaven is the place where God and His angel live. Heaven is the abode of God.
Earth was created for man, as an extension of the Heavenly Kingdom.
It is a province of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Psalm 115:16  The highest heavens belong to the Lord, but the earth he has given to mankind. (NIV)

Kingdom, not Democracy

Kingdom of Heaven is ruled by God.
It is not a democratic state; it is a theocratic state.
Theocratic does not mean that any religion rules in the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no place for religion in Heaven.
It is a Kingdom where God’s Will is the rule.

What is a Kingdom

 Kingdom primarily means not a geographical area. It is the reign of the king.
Only secondarily is the geographical area.
A Kingdom consists of mainly four components:

1.      King
2.      Geographical area
3.      Citizens
4.      Laws

1.    King
God is the King of Heaven, earth and the entire universe.

Matthew 5:34,35  But I tell you, do not swear an oath at all: either by heaven, for it is God’s throne;
35  or by the earth, for it is his footstool; or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the Great King.

2.    Geographical area
So we believe that the geographical area of the Heavenly Kingdom is Heaven.

From the creation story narrated in Genesis first three chapters, we come know that God created Earth as an extension to the Kingdom of Heaven.
Earth was created as an external province of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Psalm 89:11  The heavens are yours, and yours also the earth; you founded the world and all that is in it. (NIV)

3.    Citizens
The citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom are angels.

For The Kingdom of God on Earth:
God created man and gave him all authority to subdue and rule over the whole earth from the kingly palace of Eden.
It is like the rule of an emperor of a vast empire through his delegated representative.

Adam and Eve were the only citizens there.
They were King and Queen.
They were the Kingdom.
Since all their descendents are also Kings and Queens.
It was a Kingdom of Kings and Queens.

4.    Law
The relationship between God and Man is well revealed and explained in the first two chapters of the Book of Genesis.
God delegated man with all authority to name and rule everything on the earth.
He was forbidden to eat from only one tree, as a measure for his obedience and loyalty towards the Great King.

The King will not interfere in any daily affairs.
But Adam had to give an account of the day’s work in the evening as the King visited him every day.
Of course he was not left helpless in a newly created realm. God was there if he needed His help. He came every day to commune with His citizens, Adam and Eve.

Kingdom of God Established

The earth was God’s new province ruled by His Will through Man.
Eden was the ideal kingdom with man and woman in it.
Thus God established a kingdom on earth under His Kingdom of Heaven.
Man was appointed as the King of this new kingdom of God.

The Fall

Adam was created in the image of God so that every living and non living thing will look upon him to see the Creator God Himself.
There is no question of any kind of civil war from other creatures.

Still Adam and Eve were strictly warned by the King to guard the garden.

Everything went fine, till the day Satan through a serpent entered the garden and tempted Eve and Adam through her.
Man violated the contract with the Emperor and obeyed the enemy of the Kingdom.
Thus the Kingdom fell to Satan.

God plans Restoration

But God did not give up His new province.

God announced His plan to redeem and restore the Kingdom through man.
Since  then God has been gathering partners to work for restoring the Kingdom to its original status..

His Own Community

God’s original plan to restore the kingdom on earth is by creating a community that He could call His Own People.

·      God will be the King of this community and they shall live according to His Will.
·      Geographical area is the entire earth.
·      Laws are His Will, laws according to His Holiness.

Many incidents towards creating such a community happened during the coming years.

Abraham Called to Move Out

After many years God called Abraham, his wife Sara and asked to move from his native land to the land of Canaan.
God was implementing His plan.
Abraham obeyed and they reached the Promised Land.
After testing His faith, God declared Abraham righteous and His man to create a community for the restoration of the Kingdom.

God announced that He shall bless all people groups, all nations and all communities on earth through Abraham.

The King of King comes

Years rolled by.
God has not forgotten His promise given to Adam and Abraham to restore the Kingdom and bless all nations.
For the final attack on the kingdom of Satan on earth God appointed Jesus Christ.
Jesus is what St. John explains as God’s Word became flesh.
It means God himself came down in flesh equal to man except in sin.
He carried away all the sins and its punishment on Himself and made atonement on the Cross.

·      Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for the atonement of human sin
·      Jesus was the High Priest of the sacrifice.
·      Jesus took His own blood to the heavenly Mercy Throne and made atonement for all people.

Kingdom Restored

This is not the only thing Jesus did on the cross.

During His ministry in this world, He announced the Kingdom of God.
He continued to defeat Satan by forgiving the sins of people, healing the sick, cleansing the leaper, delivering people from the bondage of satan and finally defeating death itself.

Jesus celebrated the victory on the cross and announced the completion of the war: “It is finished.”

The strong man was attacked, subdued, conquered, all his captives were delivered and his treasures were ransacked and distributed among God’s own people.

By his death on cross, he declared salvation to all men in this world and declared a legal right to all people to become God’s own people.

Thus the Kingdom of God was restored.

The King is Away to Have the Appointment

There is one more thing to happen:

The final declaration of victory and the appointment of Jesus as the King of the Kingdom of God on this earth, by the Great Empire in Heaven.

·      Jesus came first to this world as the sacrificial lamb and the warrior of God to restore the Kingdom from satan.
·      Jesus will come again as the King with rightful authority to rule the kingdom.

Kingdom During His Absence

Meanwhile, there is a period of absence of Jesus.
As Jesus explained in one of His parables, He has gone to the emperor to have the Kingship.

Before He went He called all of His men around and entrusted them with His precious treasure and commanded them to trade and increase till He come.

The treasure of Jesus is His Gospel of the Kingdom of God.
All those who believe in Christ are entrusted to trade it and increase it.
Jesus has appointed all who believe in the sacrificial death and atonement of Jesus as Partners in spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom.

How shall we trade the Gospel of the Kingdom?

It is explained in the parable of the yeast.

Matthew 13: 33   He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.”  (NIV)

The woman took sixty pounds of flour.
She mixed a small quantity of yeast into it.
After some hours, it is found that the whole dough is fermented.

Few but Powerful

His partners may be few in number.
But they have the power and authority received from High to influence the world.

They are the ambassadors of Christ in this world.
Ambassadors are the go between two countries.

The presence of the Kingdom of God is felt in this world through them.
Their duty is to push the interest of the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth.

After the declaration and receiving the appointment, Jesus will come again to punish the enemy, reward His partners and establish the Kingdom of God.

The Invitation

Today Jesus has millions of partners working for Him in this world influencing it with His Kingdom presence, with the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. Many more are joining. Jesus needs more.

Can you join as the next partner of Jesus to maintain and increase the presence of the Kingdom?
God wants you to join His people, today and now.

The prayer

 If you are willing please pray with me, right now and join the Kingdom Partners.
“Lord Jesus, I trust in you and declare my faith in your crucifixion and atonement for my sins. Help me to lead a born again life. I am signing in as your partner in extending the influence of the Kingdom of Heaven in this world. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Welcome to the Kingdom Partners. From now onwards you are going to see the amazing impact of your life as a Kingdom Partner in this world.

May God bless you!

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