How to face challenges

Running away only increases the distance

(The following motivational message is based on the David and Goliath incident in the Bible)

Running away from a problem only increases the distance between you and the problem. It does not solve any problem.

I too agree with many present day motivators that perception and description can create a difference. How we perceive a situation and how we describe a situation is very important in overcoming or conquering the situation. The perception has a key role. The description continues the perception. You may solve, overcome and conquer the situation according to your perception and the description of that perception.

Empowering words applied to any given situation makes a lot of influence on the attitude towards it, the method of solving or overcoming the situation and the final victory. But no empowering word in your dictionary can help you. It doesn’t really matter how powerful these words are if we don’t use them. Nothing happens unless we actually apply in life what we learn. The power of any skill or strategy is in its application. If we make it a habit to consistently incorporate the things we learn, even the simplest of life skills will have a profound effect on our life.

So use empowering words for describing any situation in your life.

What is a problem?
A problem is any undesirable difficult situation that poses a hurdle in your way of progress. It is the mountain in your way. It is the huge rock that tries to block the smooth flow of the river.

All such difficult situations can be perceived in two ways:

Repurpose the situation

Words send signals to our brain

The words problems and challenges send entirely different messages to our brains. 
Subconsciously, having a problem means,

“There’s something wrong here.”

Our mind hears,

“This isn’t right, life is not as it should be.”

By shifting our wording from 'problem' to 'challenge,' any situation can be repurposed.
So the next time you're tempted to say you're having a 'problem,' say you're having a 'challenge,'
There are no problems in life, just challenges!

Problems or challenges

Problems or challenges are a recurring part of everyday life.
Whether you choose to call them challenges or problems, certainly they happen.
However, it does change the way we respond to them and that little shift can make a huge difference.

Every problem is caused by us handing a situation badly. Problem condemns us for our action that missed the mark.
Problem is an accuser.

So we feel that it is our responsibility to regain the status quo. 
It means that we must struggle just to get back to where we were.
We are accused and it is our sole responsibility to make everything right.
So the struggle begins. 

And our whole energy is utilized toward repairing the situation though it may not be profitable at the end.
This is not a very empowering state of mind.

Challenges send a different mental message. 
It tells our mind that everything is great. So great in fact, that we are ready to take on something new. 
To our subconscious mind, challenges are represented as opportunities. We see them as a way to move up to the next level. It’s our chance to demonstrate what we’re made of. Challenges urge us to untie the boat and sail towards the other end.

A challenge encourages us to recruit our inner resources and to view the situation as a new opportunity. This is a very empowering state of mind.

All problems are challenges. No challenge is a problem.

Problems are to defeat us. Problems are to destroy us.
Challenges are to test and prove us. Challenges sharpen our talents. Challenges are to overcome

Challenge is an attitude towards a problem. Challenges are turning points in our life.

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful

Challenges are blessings in disguise. Their purpose is to encourage our soul's pursuit of enlightenment. Challenges are gifts that allow us a chance to better our lives, not to worsen them.

So learn to use the Challenge instead of the word problem.
The situation is the same. The mountain is the same. The storms are the same. But our attitude towards it is different. It really makes a big difference.

With challenges we are not struggling to maintain the status quo, but we are heading towards the next level of success.
Challenges are positive, and though they may seem disturbing at first. They prove the essence of why we are here on the planet.


Be motivated

Why should you accept the challenge?
Live as a victor not a victim. Do not die as a victim. Even if you die in the course, die as a winner. Death during the war is heroic.
Place yourself always on the winning side. We are conquerors.
Fame, prosperity, health, happiness, peace etc are the profit of conquering a challenge.

Do not run away

Running away only increases the distance between you and the challenge. Challenges do not abandon a coward but yields to a brave. So stand firm and look into the eyes of the challenge.
Those who are running to escape a challenge are running from opportunities. Every challenge conquered is a mountain added to your wealth.

All winners are fighters          

The only permanent solution to any problem is to conquer it. The success with a challenge is to overcome it.
Victory always demands a good fight.
Only fighters are winners. Only those who run races are winners.

Do not fight your war with substitutes. Gather strength from all resources. You may be fighting the war with the aid of weapons and hundreds of soldiers. Still the fight must be yours. Only those who fight win the war.

Declare your strength

Do seek your weakness. Weakness is a foil to your strength.
An expert in a particular area is better than an all rounder.
Everybody has a history of conquering one or other mountain in their past life. Life is a continuous struggle against numerous odds. So look back and see the mountains you have already conquered. If you have already conquered one mountain, you can conquer the next one too.

Keep your posture

Every warrior should take a posture before the action. You are preparing for another conquer not for another defeat.
Every challenge is like a giant calling out for a fight. Every giant has his weakness for you to conquer it. There is nothing formidable in this world. Slowly the weakness of the giant will reveal itself. Strike at his weakness. He is willing to yield to the winners.

Conquer the challenge

Challenges enjoy conquerors. There is a way to conquer every mountain.  There is a method to swim across the river. There is a way to conquer every challenge.

Strike at its weakness. It will yield to a persistent fighter.

Professor Jacob Abraham

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